Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 Fashion-y Things to Try This February

From Fashion Week to award shows, February brings on a lot of fashionable fun—but it doesn't often feel that way when you just want to hide in an ankle-length down coat all day.

Pull yourself out of a cold weather slump with these pick-me-up style and beauty ideas!

1. Cool Kicks
Ladies, rejoice! This is a trend that's chic AND comfortable. Ditch your heels for some retro New Balance or Nike sneakers on your next outing.

2. High-Fashion Backpacking
It's the equally functional but way cooler alternative to a fanny-pack. In fact, we have a couple perfect options picked out for you right here. And in case you need some more courage, these street stylers will show you the way.

3. Fedoras
Go incognito in the season's biggest trend—it's classic but daring and, most importantly, supermodel approved.

4. Bold Bright Outerwear
Primary colors are the fastest way to cheer up a gray day. Get ahead of the game with some ideas from our favorite pre-fall coats.

5. Power Pants
Bored of your blue jeans? Make a statement in some standout slacks.

article via StyleBistro

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