Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nicki Minaj Without the Wacky Wigs and Hair Extensions

We've gotten so used to seeing Nicki Minaj rock ridiculously crazy hair colors and styles that we never ever thought we'd see the day when she'd forgo the eccentrics altogether.

Granted, she fired her original glam squad last year and began toning it down, wearing more neutral makeup and less outlandish hairstyles.

But now she's gone back to a basic, completely bare-bones beauty look. Save for the exaggerated Cleopatra-esque eyeliner, she's currently sporting her natural hair—no color, no relaxer, no extensions. (Pigs must be flying.)

Then again, at some point every artist has to evolve his or her look in order to keep it fresh. Perhaps 'Natural Nicki' is her new schtick? If so, we're totally on board.

article via StyleBistro

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