Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Roky Million Interview – Empowering Male African Models

Who is Roky Million and what does he do? What is his legacy for any man watching?  Roky Million is a rapper and male model. I have found that the male modelling industry has it challenges and it’s not just as black and white as you think. There is still an unbelievably the minority when it comes to African male models.

Roky Million Interview

For me Roky Million symbolizes and reminds us of our beliefs, of our loyalties and of our accomplishments that hold considerable power. He is a role model for any man that honesty and integrity will pay off.  To find out more about where Roky Million is heading and where is has come from, take the time and listen to this inspiring interview. Roky gives us an insight of what it takes to be a top male African model as well as working towards being a very successful rap artist if not already.

Very few of us want to walk the narrow path. But Roky shows us that it’s never easy but it is rewarding and will pay off. Watch his interview below:

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