Monday, April 7, 2014

To Juice or Not to Juice

As spring arrives, the subject of cleansing—and whether or not to do a cleanse—is on many trendsetting minds. But with so many points of view out there, how do you know if a cleanse is right for you? We asked Ayurvedic practitioner Cynthia King of 5 Element Spa about the pros and cons of cleansing, the best time to do a cleanse (turns out its between seasons), and the mentaand emotional effects of cleansing.

What is the Ayurvedic perspective on cleansing? 

"An intelligent cleanse will help remove the toxins stored in the body on a cellular level, and aid in resetting the digestive strength of the body."
When would be the right time for a cleanse, and how should one do it right? 
"Seasonal changes are nature's ideal time to cleanse, so spring and fall. When spring rolls around, what is growing in nature generally contains less fat, so moving towards a lighter diet with less fats will naturally assist the body in a detox. To increase the digestive strength in the fall is important to keep us grounded, as well as prepare our body systems for the heaviness of winter."
What should one avoid while cleansing? 
"Starving. This may sound simple, but starving the body at any time will send messages to the body to store fat cells and create even more cravings. Ayurveda would consider this throwing the body even more out of balance."
Who should not cleanse? 
"According to Ayurveda we are all unique individuals, so there are many cases when a cleanse is not appropriate. I always suggest working with a practitioner, or joining a group cleanse where you can still have individual care."
How do you know how intense (or not intense) to go? 
"Ideally, I would not pair the word 'intense' with cleansing. A cleanse is generally indicated to support the removal of 'ama' or toxins in the body. If you are working with a practitioner, a cleanse can be tailored to your specific needs. A few diagnostics tools a practitioner may monitor during a cleanse would be blood-sugar levels, appetite, cravings, digestion, elimination, pulse, and tongue diagnostics."
How can a cleanse also affect the mind, emotions and spirit? 
"In Ayurveda, 'ama' can be not only in the body but in the mind. In my experience, everything that we experience is a map of our body and mind on a cellular level. The removal of physical 'ama' is then directly correlated to the removal of mental 'ama.' In addition, with an Ayurvedic cleanse, you are eating simply and consciously. Cooking easily digestible meals for yourself and bringing awareness to what and how much you eat can be so powerful in creating balance in the body."

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