Tuesday, August 5, 2014

No Invite? - No Support! [Editor's Open Letter]

I typically don't write about things like this, because I run a fashion blog - so health, beauty, food, style and FASHION are what my blog should be about. However, with my very first fashion show quickly approaching - I needed to get this off of my membrane.

Topic: No Invite? - No Support

As many of you (my family, friends and supporters) know, I'm on a journey to building a household brand name. Over the past few years, my blog, that I started in college, has grown into a platform for me to partake in many different facets of the media and entertainment industry. Often times, I post pictures, and interviews with celebrities, athletes,  dignitaries etc. for promotional purposes. Anyone that understands the power of social media, knows you're only as important as your latest post. Well, with that a lot of times I receive comments like: "I didn't hear about this event..." "You need to tell me when there's an event" "Put me on" and my favorite comment, "NO INVITE?" Excuse me? I promise if I had a dollar for every time I've received a "NO INVITE" comment I would have a ton of dollars. I really don't know what people expect me to respond with to such comments. Most of the time the events are invite only, or I was invited for media purposes or they cost money - money that most of you aren't willing to pay to hang around a few "celebrities".

With that being said, the "No Invite?" questions/comments are not what's burning my biscuits. My Pillsbury Doughboy's are BURNT, because for the last 20 days, I have been promoting my ass off, trying to raise awareness that I am hosting my very first fashion show and no one cares. This is MY very first fashion show with my blog on the moniker. Here I am INVITING you to this event, and I cant' get so much as a RT, or Repost. Yet, Beyonce or Kim Kardashian can post a picture of themselves and there are repost ALL up and down my timeline. How is it that we can support people, that we don't know before helping someone else try and reach a little piece of their dream? Why? I understand I'm no Beyonce or Kim K. (and don't get me wrong, I appreciate both of them as well), however a lot of times we support and throw money at people and things, that aren't giving us ANYTHING back. 

For years, I have been working this Atlanta circuit, socializing, networking and meeting so many great people along the way. I attend parties, and birthdays, and gala's and all sorts of things, because it means something to that person or company that people are there. I go willingly, and with a positive attitude because it's about the person/people that have worked tirelessly to host an amazing event. I get invited to a lot of things, and events and usually I try to make it, but if I can't make it - I'm sending someone, or sending a message saying I wont be able to attend. It's a simple and classy gesture that always get's you invited to the next major event.

Lastly (because I'm not going to rant all day, hell - I have a fashion show to plan) from this day forward, I refuse to continue to give my support to people, or companies etc. that aren't pouring back into me, what I've given them. I'm not into one sided partnerships or business deals.

With that being said, I hope to see all of you at our Fashion & Hair Show, next Thursday, August 14, 2014 at 7pm at the Defoor Centre in Atlanta, GA! Tickets are available atwww.thekidzjump.com!

Stay Blessed
J. Carter

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