Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shape-Up: Have You Tried Waist Trainers?

Modern Bombshells have taken it back to the 19th century with corset style waist trainers. The abdomen restricting pieces promise to trim inches off your waist–but do they work?

I’ve done a bit of research, and it seems they’re pretty effective…but they seem to be horrible for your health! Instead of you actually losing those stubborn inches, you just squeeze your fat together. Apparently it can harm your organs, restrict your lungs and bowels, and cause fainting, bruising, and constipation. This doesn’t sound fun!

I complain when I have to wear Spanx, so I can’t imagine rocking one of these! Though the quest for an hourglass figure is top of mind for many females, this sounds downright archaic and unhealthy to boot.

At any rate, I’d love to hear your experiences with waist trainers. Have you tried them? Have you experienced any adverse effects?

article via FashionBombDaily

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  1. If wearing a corset could give me a figure like that you better believe I'd be wearing one every single day!