Monday, September 22, 2014

CHALLENGE: The 7-Day Style Challenge!

Hey readers, I've been CHALLENGED! Eek!

If you follow me on twitter, then you've seen my colorful rants about a lot of these silly challenges. After the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the world went a little to far with some of the silliest, and dumbest challenges I had ever heard of... (i.e. - Set yourself on fire challenge, Pretty face challenge, Pass out challenge). Then, the stars aligned and I finally heard of a challenge I could stand behind, and really get on board with; the 7-Day Style Challenge.

In this challenge, I must post a LookBook worthy picture to Instagram everyday for 7 days straight, showing my style. Seems easy enough, right? I sure hope so.

Started by some cool kidz out of Cali, I was challenged by one of my closest friends, Sonique O'Neal - you may know her socially as @SoniqueSaturdy! So in honor of fashion and all things chic, I accept Sonique's challenge on this first day of Fall! After my 7 days, I will nominate 5 additional people that I would like to participate. Stay tuned, hopefully you guys like what I come up with!

Make sure you guys check the hashtag for all the looks from the challenge! And if you choose to join in, make sure you use the hashtag as well on all of your social media.

Ready, Set, STYLE!

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