Monday, September 22, 2014

Fifty and Fabulous: Wendy Williams Reflects on Her Style

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Wendy Williams is known for her provocative point of view on her talk show, The Wendy Williams Shows, which kick starts its sixth season today (and will soon air its 1,000th episode). When it comes to her closet, however, the star is surprisingly tame these days. See what the TV host, who celebrated another milestone—her 50th birthday—over the summer, had to say about her evolving style and what to expect from her wardrobe this season.

How does your style differ on and off camera? 
“I have an appreciation for both styles. On camera, I love that my style has kind of become a co-host in the whole show. Women tell me all the time that when the doors open and I come out, they want to see what I’m wearing for that ready-to-wear, working woman type of atmosphere. So on camera, I’m very J.Crew, Donna Karan, Norma Kamali, Talbots and Lord & Taylor. And I adore that: a pencil skirt, blouse or sweater, a pair of sensible heels—I try to be sensible with the heels—and girly makeup. I am more relaxed and bohemian off camera: less hairspray, more beachy [waves], less make-up, more tinted moisturizer and lips. In terms of my style, I love leggings for everything from going to the gym to the grocery store. I [also] love moccasin boots, the ones with the fringe. It’s about being at ease off-camera, and I wear heels only when required."

Wendy Williams attends Wendy Williams 50th birthday celebration at Out Hotel on July 17, 2014 in New York City. (Getty Images)
Will anything from New York Fashion Week influence your wardrobe choices on the show? 
“I’ve already bought my first chunky knit sweater, but you know, I’m already a chunky knit girl from Jersey. I also love the box bags. Bags are changing; they’re going into this evolution where handbags for women are becoming more boxy. The great thing about my closet is that I don’t have to buy boxy. I just go back a few years and pull it out and say, ‘Hey girl, it’s my bag. You’re good for the season.' [However,] I will not be doing that boxy heel. Green is big for the season; I love green, from hot to hunter to lime, and I have several [pieces] in those shades. Also, the runway is showing [a lot of] nude nails, and that’s totally me. I don’t go with the style trends; I go with what works for me. And for me, a short, short, squared-off nude nail works. I’ve lived and suffered through stilettos. But now, it looks like those pole stilettos and rhinestone nails—all that stuff is more for the street, less for the runway. Oh, by the way, I am collecting turbans: fabulous turbans for the season."
How would you say your style has evolved over the years? 
“Well, what I will say is I read all the fashion magazines. By style, I follow no one’s rules. I do what’s good for me. Now that I’m 50, I really do embrace things that will be timeless: a fabulous scarf, a fabulous brooch, a great pair of flats and a sensible pair of heels. I can still wear the six-inch heels, but I will not. I would rather spend on the three-inch heel. I love turbans, caftans, a great robe selection here at home for when people come over. I understand the muumuu, as long as the waist is cinched for some figure definition. But I’m an accessories girl; I’d rather spend on a great handbag that will last me forever than a great dress.”
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