Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sneak Peek: 6 Designer Inspirations for NYFW Spring 2015

It's amazing to think that the beautiful, innovative clothing—and accessories!—we see gracing the runways starts as an abstract idea or a simple sketch. With New York Fashion Week upon us, get a sneak peek at the latest inspirations for designers' Spring 2015 collections.

1. Pamela Rolland

Pamella Roland took a cue from "the fusion of Japanese design and landscape as seen in the gardens of Kyoto" as the basis for her upcoming collection.

2. Jay Godfrey

The celeb-favorite designer uses stretch denim, suede fringe, tea-stained ivory lace and embellished fabrics in his upcoming collection, inspired by Western Americana.

3. Mara Hoffman

For spring, Mara Hoffman will implement softer colors and quiet space in her garments. "This collection is my reminder to self to be light," she explains.

4. Ann Yee

New York City's erratic weather, specifically occurring between late winter and early spring, inspired Ann Yee's upcoming collection. Consequently, it also influenced the designer to incorporate functional design elements that are ideal for dwellers of the metropolis.

5.  Karolyn Pho

For her sophomore runway show, Karolyn Pho uses her designs to create the story of a female vagabond with subtle masculinity to push the boundaries of gender roles. Additionally, she utilizes a combination of subdued and saturated shades found in Med-Deco architecture in Miami.

6. Rita Vinieris

Rita Vinieris' new collection will showcase "a modern femme fatale [who is] alluring and a little dangerous."

article via StyleBistro 

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