Monday, October 6, 2014

Current Obsession: BeautyBlender Micro Mini

(Source: BeautyBlender. BeautyBlender Micro Mini, $17.95 for two)
It's hard for me to imagine a life before BeautyBlender but suffice to say, I probably walked around with streaky foundation for the better part of my twenties. With its bouncy texture and elliptical shape, the cult-favorite makeup sponge changed all that. And for years, it's been on my list of "products I would bring to a desert island."

Now, with the advent of the micro mini BeautyBlender (two for $18), flawless makeup application is even easier. At a quarter of the size of the original sponge, the shrunken version is designed to address every last nook and cranny of your visage. Bluish under-eye circles? Redness around the side of the nose? Sneaky jawline zits? I've got 'em all, and they're no match for this little concealer-blending wonder. Consider me hooked.

Pick up your own here.

article via StyleBistro

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