Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Brunch Date: My Friends are So Chic for Fall

Hey readers!

Meet my good friends, Dorion, Fuaquan, and Marcus (in that order - left to right)! I was headed to meet them for a late brunch this past Saturday, and this is how they arrived. As I walked towards the restaurant on that sunny but brisk Saturday I spotted them - standing there, as if someone had dressed each of them for a street style editorial. As I observed them sharing laughs and pleasantries in what was the start of an extraordinary Saturday, I couldn't help but feel immediately embraced with contentment that fall had finally arrived.

Dorion - The Model (IG - @DorionNowell)
Dorion chose a simplistic yet grunge look, for his pre-fall brunch attire. The color palette was so clearly defined, without being to matchy-matchy. He hit a few trends that will be huge for Fall/Winter 2014 - i.e. sweatshirts, bold prints, and working boots. My favorite thing about Dorion's look however, is his mixture of those plum cut-off shorts with long sleeves and pulled it off so effortlessly like only a model could.

Fuaquan - The Northerner (IG - @_fudot)
Fuaquan is the classic northerner when it comes to his style. He chose a sort of boho-chic with a mix of comfort into his brunch attire. His oversized cloak and army fatigue tapered joggers really gives him the chance to showcase his style while not compromising comfort. Fu played with color by accessorizing with his midnight blue Balenciaga high-tops, and adding a burnt orange all-around hat for affects. Fu's signature will always either be a great shoe, or an amazing wrist watch - dressed like a true northerner.

Marcus - The Tailor (IG - @marcbow)
Last but certainly not least, we have Marcus! A true street style maven, and thin enough to wear anything he wanted! Marcus' look was an excellent play on hues from the same palette. The grey, the blue and khaki pull in the army fatigue outer coat for a completely cohesive look. Marc paired his basics with a haute hat, that he's had for years and brightly hued clutch with an attached faux fur fox tail. Marc's round frames finish this look off to give that effortlessly chic look that we all want, but he achieved.

Make sure you guys comment below and tell me how in love you are with these guys' style! Also be sure to follow each of them for more of their haute looks.

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  1. About that oversize cardigan the middle one is wearing... Need I saw one at the thrift store but a brownish orange ..