Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jump Into This: The Shoe B Clutch

Shoe-B Light Brown Leather, $110, at (Source: Shoe-B, Thinkstock)

Going to college in the heart of New York City meant every weekend was spent not at house parties, but at hip bars and clubs. My girlfriends and I click-clacked on the pavement in our heels until the early am, when we'd inevitably be faced with a dilemma: aching soles. Some shamelessly walked barefoot. Others dropped by 24-hour dollar stores to buy flip flops. I carried a purse packed with spare flats—you can imagine how cumbersome that was on a packed dance floor. It wasn't a great look to be carrying your heels in your hand, but I did it nonetheless and dreamed of a better way.

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The Shoe B, a convertible clutch ($50–$110), is the perfect solution. It is big enough to hold a pair of flats and your essentials, yet small enough not to be a nuisance and lets you go hands-free with its wristlet handle. A convenient hidden zipper extends the clutch so that you can stash your heels while you switch into your comfy backup. Voila, no embarrassing walk of shame scrutiny.

I don't frequent the club circuit as much these days but the Shoe B still comes in handy when I'm in need of a discreet shoe switch while commuting to work or after-hours events. That kind of convenience is always in style.

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