Monday, February 2, 2015

Katy Perry’s Epic Super Bowl Halftime Performance Outfits from Jeremy Scott

Taking the stage for the Super Bowl‘s halftime performance is no joke. It’s THE most watched television event of the year, not to mention have you ever tried to sing in a stadium? That ish is not easy. #echoechoechoecho International pop superstar and flawless human being Katy Perry turned it out with precisely as much grandeur and palpable excitement as we expected. And what’s more, she managed to change into FOUR DIFFERENT OUTFITS (all by the incomparably talented Jeremy Scott) in a mere 13 minutes. It takes me at least 30 minutes to put on one outfit to leave my house every day, so Katy, you’re a real hero.

See every costume change after the JUMP!

Katy kicked things off with “Roar,” sung on the back of a giant moving faceted lion wearing this flame-covered ensemble. KP was inspired for the opening look by one of Jeremy Scott’s iconic Adidas sneaker designs. And much like the shoes, it’s all patent leather with flames cut out and appliqued all over a shimmery gold leather base. “I wanted something strong, power, and iconic for Katy’s entrance,” Jeremy said, and so it was. She wore this for a lick of “Dark Horse,” and a PUMPED UP rendition of her 2008 breakout single “I Kissed A Girl,” which she performed WITH LENNY KRAVITZ.

Then, we get the first quick-change. She transitioned into a California cartoon oasis with “Teenage Dream” and (duh) “California Gurls,” wearing a beach ball-themed outfit that perfectly captures both Katy and Jeremy’s brand of style—one that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

THEN, as a card-carrying Missy Elliott superfan, my head exploded, and the events that followed are a blur. (Because I couldn’t see through my tears of joy.) What I gather was happening was a mini-Missy-medley of “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Lose Control.” (IDK how we were ever worthy of this greatness!!) And fittingly, Katy wore a very ~Missy~ tracksuit-inspired look covered in rhinestones. If I had to guess, this was what her personal bling applicator was working on.

The time came for Missy to go away—it was Katy’s halftime show after all—but that was totally fine because Katy’s finale was captivating and impressive and so so so gorgeous. Outfitted in a silver lame Moschino gown covered in holographic stars, the look KP and Jeremy were going for here was “Old Hollywood glamour meets sci-fi glitz.” It’s a beautiful look on its own, but seeing it hoisted above the stadium while Katy shot across the sky like a human The More You Know logo arguably renders it iconic.

Of the dream job for any designer, Jeremy said, “I’m so honored to be part of this momentous pop cultural moment and to support my friend Katy.” *insert a million heart emojis here*

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