Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weekend Tip: Avoid Deodorant Stains with This Genius Trick

Is there anything more loathsome than getting white chalky residue on your clothes as you get dressed in the morning? Considering the amount of products—from removal sponges to streak-free deodorants—created to combat this exact issue, we'd have to think the answer is no.

While we've already told you about the magical way to erase antiperspirant stains once they show up on your garments, today we're here with a fashion hack from Marian Rothschild, a certified personal image consultant and author of Look Good Now and Always, that will keep them from appearing in the first place. Listen and learn.

To avoid getting antiperspirant stains on your over-the-head tops and sweaters, turn the bottom of the sweater up, so that it's inside out, before slipping it over your head. That way, if any product does rub onto the fabric, it will be on the inside of the sweater, where no one will see it."
article via StyleBistro 

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