Friday, February 13, 2015

What to Wear: 3 Ways to Wear Pink

The Best Colors to Wear with Pink
If you haven't worn pink since it was forced on you for second grade picture day, it's time to reintroduce it to your wardrobe.

This often maligned hue is actually very chic and can be paired with more colors than you think. See 15 of our favorite color pairings here

See All 7 HautePINK Looks After the JUMP!

Blogger Helena Bordon's outerwear proves that when paired with deep merlot red, shades of pink can be ultra-sophisticated.

This is a throw-it-on-and-go classic combination. Plus, it's Miranda Kerr approved!

Less daring than silver but just as gorgeous, gray and pink are a ladylike combination that we love.

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