Friday, March 20, 2015

Editor's Pick: The Brow Palette That Doubles as Matte Eyeshadow

Getting compliments on your eyebrows is equivalent to winning the lotto for beauty girls. Despite wanting people to think we woke up like this, creating the perfect brow shape is a less-than-simple feat. Over the years, I've tried many different products—from gels to pencils—to get my arches looking their best, but Pixi by Petra's Brow Powder Palette ($12) takes the cake.

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In six neutral shades, this newly-launched spring 2015 product has eyebrows from blonde to black covered. If your exact hue isn't part of the set, don't fret. The powders mix beautifully to craft your perfect color. I love that I can create a lighter brow on days I'm going for a soft, natural look, or opt for a dark, bold brow when the mood strikes without having to hunt for a different product in my makeup bag.

When I first got my hands on the palette, I wasn't sure if I would ever touch the first or last shade, but I've definitely dipped into every square. Not only does the two-ended brush provide a fool-proof way to define your eyebrows with the angled side, but also the eyeshadow end instantly transforms the powders from a brow product to matte eyeshadow. The lighter shades make an amazing highlighter, while the darker colors come in handy as a liner when I don't have time to draw on a flawless cat eye.  You truly get the most bang for your buck with this affordable set.

Create your own customized eye look with Pixi's  Brow Powder Palette and shop it, here.

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