Friday, March 20, 2015

How to Find the Healthiest Menu Option in Any Restaurant

Takeout, fast food and restaurant meals can sabotage any health streak thanks to giant portions, extra sodium and mystery ingredients. Even so, it's impossible to quit eating out altogether without becoming a shut in. HealthyOut, a Yelp-like mobile app that lets you find restaurants that cater to your nutritional preferences, is here to make life a little easier.

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You can search local restaurants by terms including "Paleo," "Gluten Sensitive" and "Low Carb" to get a list of the spots that cater to your dietary needs. Instead of including healthy joints exclusively, however, you get to see all restaurants and corresponding dishes available nearby that suit your taste. It's useful when you're eating with a group, so you can figure out in advance if you'll be able to pick anything from the menu.

After selecting a restaurant and meal, you can find out the dish's calorie count and complete nutritional value. HealthyOut also offers "Healthy Modifications" in the form of suggestions— such as opting for salad dressing on the side—that add even more nutritional value to your picks.

Download HealthyOut here.

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