Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Style Trends Actually Worth Your Money, According to Rachel Zoe

With bone-chilling temps and giant snow piles everywhere, it's hard to believe that spring is right around the corner, but warmer temps and sunny days are indeed in our near future. And after months of stuffy boots and oodles of layers, we're more than ready to sink our teeth into some of the season's sunniest trends.

In an ideal world, we'd have enough money to try out every one, but the truth is, a lot of fleeting trends just aren't worth a whole lot of dough. So we turned to Rachel Zoe, chief stylist for ShoeDazzle, to get her take on the two spring trends worth investing in and the two you should save on. Using shoes as the focal point of the look, Zoe shares her tips for rocking these four hot trends in style this spring.

'70s-inspired styles

Why you should splurge: "'70s-inspired styles keep turning up on the runways, and I’m obsessed with platform soles and exaggerated wooden heels," says Zoe.

How to wear it: When paired with a breezy ensemble, '70s-inspired shoes can kick your outfit's attitude up a notch. "Wear '70s-inspired shoes with a bohemian maxi, a soft suede jacket or a loose-knit shrug and oversize sunnies," suggests Zoe. "Summer Saturday style at its best."

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Why you should splurge: "I think suede is timeless in every form—shoes, jackets and bags, too," says Zoe. "A pair of classic pumps or feminine flats in a neutral suede is something you will have forever and are worth the investment."

How to wear it: Zoe recommends a versatile look when wearing suede. "Style a sleek pointed-toe pump with leather leggings, a slouchy cashmere sweater and a tailored jacket," she says. "Add a bold lip and a topknot to take your office look into evening."

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Sporty chic styles

Why you should save: "I am seeing sporty styles more and more every season," notes Zoe. "I think with this constantly evolving trend, you’re better off saving and getting the season’s newest version."

How to wear it: You can't go wrong using shoes as a foundation for your sporty chic look. "I love a sporty flat sandal with a pair of printed silk track pants, a super soft white tee and an edgy leather jacket," says Zoe. "Keep your look effortlessly cool."

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Why you should save: "Gingham is one of those trends that not only comes and goes, it’s typically only around during spring or summer," reveals Zoe. "Stick to the less expensive option and save your shopping budget on other pieces you’re coveting that season."

How to wear it: If a gingham outfit is too bold for your taste, dip your toes into the trend with a gingham shoe. "When wearing a bold shoe, let it be the focus of your look," says Zoe. "Opt for an airy summer dress in a solid color paired with a little denim jacket."

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