Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tom Ford and George Clooney are Making a Movie

Tom Ford has endless Hollywood connections, so it should come as no surprise that he’s rumored to be making a movie—one that he wrote—with leading man George Clooney. We're going to predict right now that the fashion will be impeccable and that this will be one beautiful film—regardless of the reviews.

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Reports are indicating that Tom Ford has selected his next film project and that George Clooney is involved. (Cue the swooning.) Ford is attached to direct the movie adaptation of Austin Wright’s novel Tony and Susan—the film bears a different name, Nocturnal Animals, and features a script penned by Ford himself. Clooney’s production company, Smokehouse Pictures, is rumored to produce.  
The plot of the book centers around the story of a woman who is approached by her ex-husband of 20 years to read his book manuscript. From there the story splits in two, covering both the plot of the ex-husband’s book itself—a family vacation turned deadly—and giving viewers an in-depth look at the wife’s history and the details of her failed marriage. Violence, nostalgia, and failed marriages are all themes Ford covered in 2009’s A Single Man, meaning he’s well-versed to take on the darkness in Wright’s 1993 novel.  
No casting has been confirmed yet, but of course Ford’s longtime friend and muse Julianne Moore will be on the minds of fans. Stay tuned for updates. 
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