Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wendy Williams Spills on Her HSN Clothing Line

In her six seasons on air, Wendy Williams has learned there's more to having a talk show than simply entertaining her guests and audience. As host of The Wendy Williams Show on Fox, she has to dress the part, too. Now, the self-proclaimed classic dresser is teaming up with HSN to bring her fan-loved wardrobe to the masses.

With 22 silhouettes in sizes XS to 3X, all retailing under $100, the TV host thinks her spring collection of workwear, weekend wear and loungewear will appeal to women of all ages. One of her favorites from the range is the classic wrap dress ($60 $50), which she says is a must-have for everyone whether you're 25 or 70.

After getting a one-on-one walkthrough of the collection with Williams, it was clear she's excited to wear and share the pieces with her fans. Although she doesn't plan to quit her day job because, as she put it, "nothing beats hosting a talkshow," she does believe this collection is the perfect accompaniment to her career.

"The original thought with a talk show is that you just assume people are tuning in for hot topics and the guests," she explained. "But when they open the double doors—here’s Wendy!—I’ve become acutely aware that people really are looking to see what I have on, whether they like it or not."

Wendy Williams Magenta A-Line Skirt, $60; Navy Side Ruched Dress, $30; Floral Print Pencil Skirt, $50, at HSN  (Source: HSN)

Despite having $400 frocks in her dressing room, Williams admits that in real life she's actually pretty frugal about buying clothes. Of course, she'll splurge on a handbag, but when it comes to clothing she finds that fashions come and go too fast. "The second you gain 10 pounds—forget about it," she griped. All of her fashion woes were addressed in production: Button-up shirts ($40) have a secret snap to prevent gapping, while the leggings ($30) have ruched sides to be long enough for the tall girls—Williams is 5'11" herself—or stylishly gathered at the ankle for petite ladies.

"Sometimes it takes you a while to find your style voice. I’ve found mine, which is why I feel very confident with designing my own line for HSN," She stated. "There’s nothing here that I wouldn’t wear myself."

View and shop the offerings right now online, here, and tune into HSN on March 28 to see the collection's on-air debut.

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